Educational Resources Document

Educational Resources

  • Do what you can but remember to have fun

  • Individual teaching gives better understanding and you don’t have to be teaching a full school day

  •  All the general resources can be adapted for S.E.N.D


General Education Resources All ages

BBC Bitesize - by age: 

The SEN Resources Blog:
Youtube videos

Math’s 5 apps: [CAUTION - in app purchases]

Free subscriptions:
[CAUTION - from USA]

School Closure Autism Toolkit:
[Caution - US based]

Stories told ages 2-10 :

Audio stories - free at Audible for all ages:

Science App:

General activities list:  

Social Emotional:
Do2learn free social skills, self-regulation, songs, games, communication, and life-skills. [Caution - US based but general]

Social/ Emotional, 5 simple ideas:

Happy-self Journal:
Wellbeing journals £20 to purchase

Various videos on a facebook page

Digital Theatre:
Performances for serious theatre buffs:


Apps by school subject:

Apps for calming:

Apps for autism:

SEND educational apps:

Good resources:
various communication help - plus a base line resource:                                                                     

TEACHER RESOURCES - for children with PMLD:

Facebook page to join:

PMLD list of activities, myths and legends ideas, jungle ideas:

SEN Early Years resources:

ASDAN free resources 10-19+:
life & work skills, your school has to be in ASDAN, short form to fill in:

150 sensory learning activities:

Inclusive music:
Join Facebook page, videos, xmas concert 16 December 2020

Electric Umbrella:
inclusive choir Facebook page - live 4 times per day

Singing Hands:
signed songs and stories –ages 2-10

Signed Tiger who came to Tea:

Tumble Tots:
Live Facebook page



National Geographic, info sheets for research:

Virtual Museums:
Links on page to 10 museums

Our Awesome Planet:

Google Earth:  

Google Earth Education:
Lots of plans and ideas:

Discover animals:
fact sheets

Live links to UK & US Zoos:

Roller Coasters:


Farm live:


Discover (US):
Info sheets