Our Mission

ShieldUs Protecting the shielding community and educating others.

ShieldUs was formed to protect the 2.2 million people in the UK who are deemed Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (CEV) to Covid19.  This is how we are doing it.

By giving the shielding community:

●       a symbol to wear that offers protection

●       a symbol that raises awareness

●       a symbol that educates others to ‘Please Give me Space’

●       a recognised symbol to unite behind

Caring for the mental health of those shielding and their families by:

●       providing free mental health support/counselling for all in need

●       providing general mental health education via our website and social media

●       running Facebook groups (public and private) to give easy access to information and support

We advocate for the shielding community by :

●       making others aware of the lived experience of those shielding

●       educating schools with our free Shielding Superheroes eBook

●       campaigning for support and change

●       approaching the UK Government to make the ShieldUs symbol official

For thousands of people in the UK shielding is not a new experience. Those protecting themselves from viruses and bugs have a safe winter routine that they adhere to every year. Covid19 gave this routine a name—shielding. Transplant patients need to shield whilst on a waiting list, patients on immunosuppressant therapies need to avoid all bugs and viruses especially during flu season, and we are supporting and educating many others, who would never have considered themselves clinically vulnerable before Covid19, on how to manage any mental health or other issues that this huge change to their life brings.


This may be the first of many pandemics and we are ready to help shape a shielding support package that represents all ages.

Covid-19 has given us a chance to learn lessons and get it right for the future.

Our vision for the future is that ShieldUs will be an internationally recognised organisation that supports all who are CEV and required to live in a shielded manner due to Covid19, a medical condition or vital medication.